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2311 Parke Ave #3, Burley, ID 83318
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NuEar Hearing Center

(208) 572-3273
2311 Parke Ave #3, Burley, ID 83318
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Welcome to NuEar Hearing Center

NuEar Hearing Center Burley was founded on two simple truths- that hearing is a vital sense which plays a significant role in your quality of life and that hearing loss affects everyone uniquely. That’s why we work to solve hearing problems one individual at a time.

From the moment you walk in our front doors in Burley, to the moment you walk out- We guarantee precise care and satisfaction. We understand that the journey to better hearing begins with a partnership with a hearing health professional who understands the difficulties hearing loss places on one’s life. We have the knowledge and technology to guide you towards a hearing aid that will fit your unique lifestyle. We do all of this with the utmost care and respect because we know that Burley is a place worth hearing.

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